Throw A Memorable Holiday Party


Pick the perfect date

There’s a lot going on in the month of December, and you can’t just pick any old day between Thanksgiving and January 1st to throw your holiday party. Do your research! Ask around, see what people have going on in the month and pick your date around December birthdays and other holiday party dates.

Don’t be afraid to take the party to an offsite

Don’t feel like you are confined to your house for your holiday party. Throwing the party at a different location can be good for many reasons, in particular, nobody is evading anyone’s space and you don’t have to be left with a filthy house cleanup afterwards!

Don’t worry about the numbers

When it comes to holiday party, let the numbers go. This is a time for family and friends to be together, so if you don’t have as many people show up as you’d like, don’t sweat it!

Bring your holiday cheer

It’s a holiday party, so you don’t want to look completely cheerless wearing a blue blazer… especially if you are throwing the party. Add a theme to your party, maybe an ugly sweater party so everyone can come looking a bit ridiculous and cheerful!

Pour the man a drink!

Every holiday party needs alcohol. Look up some recipes and have a favorite scotch cocktail on hand for your partygoers. They’ll thank you if you can whip up something nice for them on the spot!

Take lots of photos

If your party turns out a success, youre going to need to take pictures to remember it! Make sure they turn out good.

Get a little nutty

Nuts are a great party appetizer. Scatter some around the house, or create a holiday flavored batch, such as maple spiced nuts.

Don’t forget the little things

You don’t want to make a mess of your house, so make sure you invest in some coasters and cocktail napkins for your guests!

Build your personal bar

So that everyone at the party has a beverage of their choice, make sure your bar is stocked with the following:

· Red wine

· Whiskey

· Beer

· Seltzer

· A small selection of mixers

Say your thank you’s

Write or create a simple thank you card for your guests, whether it was your boss or your parents, they should all receive a thank you card which shows that you appreciated their company at the party.

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