Top New Years Eve Festivals


Everyone knows that when New Year’s Eve rolls around, you better prepare to party. It’s always necessary to go big or go home, right? Well this year there are more events going on around the country (and globe) than ever before. We wish we could tell you about them all but to keep the list short and sweet, we’ve decided to narrow it down to the United States and choose the top 5 New Year’s Eve music festivals the nation has to offer. Let the countdown begin!

Decadence – Arizona

Where: Chandler, Arizona @ Rawhide’s Frontier Hall
When: December 31st
The Low Down: Decadence has had festivals scattered throughout many different locations but this time, it’s the deserts turn to show everyone where the hype really lies. For its debut in Arizona, this lineup pulled absolutely NO punches and is bringing out some of the best for this year’s NYE celebration. Some of the names headlining this festival are Kaskade, DVBBS, Seven Lions, Flosstradamus, Savoy + MORE. Yes, seriously. There’s even MORE to that lineup.
Tickets & other info:


Knockout Live is holding a ticket giveaway for Decadence – Arizona! You have the chance to win 2 VIP tickets to this event!! Follow the link below and get your entries in before December 22nd to qualify!!

Lights All Night

Where: Dallas, Texas @ the Dallas Convention Center
When: December 26th & 27th
The Low Down: Although Lights All Night takes place in the days prior to NYE, this festival is still at the top of our wish list for this time of year. They offer an INCREDIBLE artist lineup with names along the ranks of Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex, Zedd, Disclosure + so much more!! They also offer a ticket perk that has yet to be matched by any other event (to our knowledge, at least); Platinum VIP ticket holders receive access to an OPEN BAR 4 hours each night of the event. If that, combined with killer lineup, isn’t enough to reel you into this event, we don’t know what is!
Tickets & other info:

Sea of Dreams

Where: San Francisco, California @ the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
When: December 30th & 31st
The Low Down: Sea of Dreams has one of the best lineups this year. Pretty Lights will be performing both of the dates and will be joined on the lineup by talent such as Beats Antique, Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Break Science and much more! The theme of this year’s festival is “FREQUEN-SEA”; it is sound that unites us.
Tickets & more info:

White Wonderland (21+ ONLY)

Where: Anaheim, California @ the Anaheim Convention Center
When: December 31st
The Low Down: White Wonderland is an event put on by Insomniac, the same company who has brought us Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest and many other massive music festivals. This even differs in the sense that it is a strictly 21+ only festival and you guessed it, the dress code is a mandatory all-white only. Though the lineup has proven to be somewhat repetitive over the last few years, it’s sure to please all of the trance-loving insomniacs out there. Armin Van Buuren will be the closing set bringing in the New Year, and also on the lineup are other trance artists like W&W, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Showtek & Laidback Luke!
Tickets & other info:

Insomniac Countdown

Where: San Bernardino, California @ the NOS Events Center
When: December 31st
The Low Down: Welcome the newest member of the Insomniac festival family and 18+ friendly NYE event: Countdown! This is a new one brought to us by Mr. Insomniac himself, Pasquale Rotella for all of the less-than-legal EDM fans looking for a New Years Eve event that’ll blow their mind. Although the lineup is somewhat sub-par in our opinion, were interested to see how well this new event fares and whether or not its outcome will lead to its status becoming permanent among the Insomniac roster. The talent gracing the stage for Countdown are names like Porter Robinson, Audien, Bingo Players & Laidback Luke + more!
Tickets & other info:

Throw A Memorable Holiday Party


Pick the perfect date

There’s a lot going on in the month of December, and you can’t just pick any old day between Thanksgiving and January 1st to throw your holiday party. Do your research! Ask around, see what people have going on in the month and pick your date around December birthdays and other holiday party dates.

Don’t be afraid to take the party to an offsite

Don’t feel like you are confined to your house for your holiday party. Throwing the party at a different location can be good for many reasons, in particular, nobody is evading anyone’s space and you don’t have to be left with a filthy house cleanup afterwards!

Don’t worry about the numbers

When it comes to holiday party, let the numbers go. This is a time for family and friends to be together, so if you don’t have as many people show up as you’d like, don’t sweat it!

Bring your holiday cheer

It’s a holiday party, so you don’t want to look completely cheerless wearing a blue blazer… especially if you are throwing the party. Add a theme to your party, maybe an ugly sweater party so everyone can come looking a bit ridiculous and cheerful!

Pour the man a drink!

Every holiday party needs alcohol. Look up some recipes and have a favorite scotch cocktail on hand for your partygoers. They’ll thank you if you can whip up something nice for them on the spot!

Take lots of photos

If your party turns out a success, youre going to need to take pictures to remember it! Make sure they turn out good.

Get a little nutty

Nuts are a great party appetizer. Scatter some around the house, or create a holiday flavored batch, such as maple spiced nuts.

Don’t forget the little things

You don’t want to make a mess of your house, so make sure you invest in some coasters and cocktail napkins for your guests!

Build your personal bar

So that everyone at the party has a beverage of their choice, make sure your bar is stocked with the following:

· Red wine

· Whiskey

· Beer

· Seltzer

· A small selection of mixers

Say your thank you’s

Write or create a simple thank you card for your guests, whether it was your boss or your parents, they should all receive a thank you card which shows that you appreciated their company at the party.

The Discreet Drunk: Thanksgiving Edition


Let’s be honest here, Thanksgiving isn’t just football and food comas. More often than not, your attention is focused more on biting your tongue while your crazy aunt whatever-her-name-is goes on one of her predictable political agenda rant, or while your senile grandmother continually asks you where your non-existent girlfriend is. Well, that my friend is exactly why we’re going to help guide you into a blissful, Turkey Day drunken stupor. Because what other way is there really to cope with forceful family time than your old friend Jack? And possibly some benzodiazepines along the way but shh, let’s not tell your mother that.

10 AM

An overly-excited Mom makes you get out of bed — family is on their way over! We advise showering and at least making an effort into looking presentable. Its what Ron Swanson would want, right? Get down to the bathroom and down some of that mouthwash while you’re there. Most bad breath starts down in your stomach, so you’ll probably want to swallow a little (or a lot) of that mouthwash. You know, because reasons.

11:15 AM

You still have a full hour until football starts, so you might as well help your Mother in the kitchen. Offer to help with anything, but before she answers make a brisk scamper over to the whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes. While she’s rambling on about the do’s and don’ts of today, down a bit of that warm and boozy goodness for yourself. Thats right, sweet potatoes you don’t get to be the only thing that’s nestled in a cradle of whiskey around here.

1:30 PM

Everyone is well into football and your well into your first “recognized” beer. As the Bears give away the lead for good, show your family that you’ve (mostly) got your shit together by pacing yourself with a glass of water in between. Sorry, did we say ginger ale? We meant “soda water.” Wait, oops, did we say “‘soda water?'” We mean straight vodka, sans soda water. We won’t tell if you won’t.

3:30 PM

Look at you! You’ve made it all the way to dinner and you’re (maybe, we’ll give you the BOTD here) not even slurring. You’ve even bragged about the job interviews that you’ve been thinking about starting to apply to go on sometime in the future. You’ve really earned that sip from the mini Fireball bottles that you’ve hidden in Grandma’s pearl clutch that you so conveniently tucked in your waistband. And they said engineering wasn’t a useful degree, psssh, peasants.

4:15 PM

An easy way to escape the glaring scrutiny of family time is to get dragged away by the little nephews and nieces. Hey, at least you look like the cool uncle, but in reality, you’re using the little snot dribblers as a distraction while sipping some of that aged brandy from a sippy cup. You may have some hesitation about using the kiddos to cover your drinking today, but that would imply that you have some self-respect left, and since you’re reading this, we’ll assume that’s a non-issue.

6 PM

What a good little helper you are, offering to help clear the table! You’re so good at it too, whisking away those wine glasses before anyone can even protest. Is it really going to hurt anything (besides your liver) if you empty all of these into the cranberry sauce bowl and cheers Tupac? Nah, we didn’t think so, you little innovator.

7:15 PM

You sneak back into the kitchen before dessert. You could pop a spoonful of those whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes, but you have more dignity than that, right? Ok, well maybe just a tiny sample. While you’re in there, might as well prepare the coffee too. Hey, ever notice that Guinness looks a whole lot like coffee? We did too.

8 PM

Congratulations, you’ve made it through Thanksgiving with minimal resentment (thanks to your maximum alcohol consumption). Time to meet your friends from college who are in town for the holidays at the bar. Just don’t drive there. Come to think of it, don’t even walk. Unless it’s to your bed, which is where you should be headed.

Best Hangover Foods in Vegas

With great power comes great responsibility and with a great night out comes an even greater hangover. With that being said, if you’re out in Vegas making questionable choices and need some kick ass hangover food, look no further. We’ve compiled a list for you to make your groggy quest for the best Egg Benny’s in town that much easier.

The Egg and I

Off the Strip
The Key Largo Crepe is available at The Egg and I and other Egg Works locations around the Valley. It comes with smoked turkey, bacon, guacamole, tomatoes & cheese, is topped with sour cream, and comes with a side of salsa. But you’ll really want to top it off with the Habla Diablo Bloody Mary — to give your hangover recovery a spicy kick.

MTO Café

Too hungover to use silverware? Get your hands on the Bacon Dippers. They come with bacon cooked inside some long pancakes and a side dish of peppercorn maple syrup, like a gourmet version of a McGriddle.

Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery

Golden Gate Casino
This vintage diner inside the Golden Gate Casino serves a sky-high stack of golden pancakes that are perfect for soaking up a hangover. Esquire called them the “best pancakes in America” and you can get ‘em 24 hours a day, or in other words, whatever time you happen to wake up.

O Face Doughnuts

Sometimes all you need is a quick cup of coffee… and weirdly delicious doughnuts to soften a hangover. Flavors include s’mores, Mexican chocolate, bacon apple fritter, and vegan apple pie. There’s even one with made-to-order lox to keep all your breakfast options covered.


The Henry
The Cosmopolitan
After a late night at Marquee, you don’t have to leave the building to grab breakfast. On the ground floor of the Cosmopolitan, you’ll find The Henry and its Signature Short Rib Benedict — made with poached eggs, braised short ribs, hollandaise, and crispy potato cakes.

Todd English P.U.B.

On the Strip
On the weekends, you can check out the restaurant’s Bloody Mary cart as early as 9:30 in the morning. The All About Mary comes with bacon vodka and an excessive amount of garnish — including a bacon cheeseburger slider, a chicken wing, shrimp, and a mini corn dog. Why order food at all when you can have most of the appetizer menu on your drink?


Monte Carlo
You need caffeine. Badly. Sambalatte’s new location in the Monte Carlo courtyard not only roasts its own coffee beans in-house, it also has the only Steampunk brewing machine in Las Vegas. Think of it as a computerized French press that makes a perfectly consistent cup of java.

BabyStacks Cafe

Off the Strip
This place is famous for its Red Velvet Pancakes. They’re topped with fresh whipped cream, chocolate crumbles, and a cream cheese syrup. Who needs dessert when you have a stack like this to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Hash House A Go Go

The Plaza Hotel & Casino
After a night of sloppy behavior, you’ll need to find a sloppy breakfast. Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict is a scrambled egg combo that’s served on two split biscuits and griddled mashed potatoes. Pair it with some O’Hare of the Dog… a 24oz Budweiser in a paper bag with a side of bacon.

Culinary Dropout

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Don’t sit around in pajamas munching on cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Be a man and head to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where you can order the Cap’n Crunch Crusted French Toast. It comes with a custard batter made from cereal milk, fresh raspberries, and an oddly placed apostrophe.

Fall To-Do List: Vegas Edition

Obviously, the first thing to do in Vegas this fall is pretend it’s still summer and hit each and every one of its epic topless pools, but the second thing is… well, all of the things on this list of stuff you absolutely must do in Las Vegas this fall…

The LUCKYRICE Night Market

When: October 4
Where: The Cosmopolitan
Like Asian food? The LUCKYRICE Night Market offers some of the best Far East cuisine you’ll ever find all in one place. Enjoy samples from some of the best restaurants in Chinatown including Raku and Chada Thai & Wine, as well as an Asia- inspired twist on some of the best bites from the Cosmo’s own chefs. You’ll never settle for regular old Kung Pao chicken again.

Hit the West Side. Seriously!

When: October 9
Where: Downtown Summerlin
A brand new outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment district opens right next door to the Red Rock Resort. It’s called Downtown Summerlin and has more shops than you can shake a credit card at, but what really makes it cool are the new bars and restaurants — including the first Vegas joint off the Strip by Wolfgang Puck.

Grab a beer, man

When: September 12-27
Where: The Strip… and Downtown… and back to the Strip again
Prepare yourself. You’ve got four beer festivals within three weeks. It begins with Mandalay Bay hosting three days of beer events September 12th-14th, including the Mandalay Beach BEER Festival. If that’s not enough, the Motley Brews’ Downtown Brew Festival takes over the Clark County Amphitheater September 20th. The Desert Hops International Beer Festival brings together a selection of more than 100 brews at the Boulevard Pool inside the Cosmopolitan on September 27th… which is the same day as the BLVD Brew Fest featuring a concert from Kings of Leon.

Life is Beautiful Festival

When: October 24-26
Where: Roughly one zillion square blocks of Downtown Vegas
Imagine somebody picked up Coachella, added an army of celebrity chefs, and dumped it right in the middle of Downtown Las Vegas… you’d have the Life is Beautiful Festival, which is expanding to three days this year with Foo Fighters, Outkast, and Kanye West headlining, and boasts carnival rides, art exhibits, and tons of food from some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Get spooky

When: October 31
Where: Everywhere
This year Halloween is on a Friday, which means a wild weekend full of parties and dressing up. The biggest bash of them all might be at Hakkasan — where they’re hosting a mysterious weekend party called Forbidden City: Rise of the Empress that will showcase big name DJs and give away thousands of dollars in contests to determine the sexiest costumes. The club girls are picking out their naughty outfits as we speak.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

When: November 16
Where: From the South end of the Strip to Downtown
The biggest foot race of the year is really a wild party featuring crazy costumes, bands playing on every other corner, and tons of choice scenery. The Strip will be shut down to traffic just so you can take a jog, and if that’s not enough, Snoop Dogg has been added to the music lineup, which means you should probably celebrate with some gin and juice after you cross the finish line.

Sing along to “Lick It Up”

When: November 5-23
Where: The Hard Rock
The latest rock ‘n roll residency inside The Joint at the Hard Rock features KISS, who’re celebrating their 40th anniversary with a string of nine dates in this rare and intimate venue. Yes, it’s been four decades of fire breathing, blood spitting, and ear-piercing smut rock anthems like “Rocket Ride” and “Love Gun”. It only seems longer.

World Food Championships

When: November 12-18
Where: Fremont Street
This one week event pits culinary masters against each other — from home cooks to professional chefs — in order to determine who really makes the best food. There will be competitions, tastings, and demonstrations. The best part? You can be among the thousands trying tons of food and checking out other cool stuff, such as ancillary events like the Bacon World Championship.

Hierarchy of Las Vegas Bottle Service

Ever wonder how much getting bottle service during a Saturday night in one of Las Vegas’ hot-spots will run you? We definitely did. After doing a little searching, we found this pretty helpful list of nightclubs and their cost of bottle service on a weekend. Check out the pricing and see if you’ll wanna shell out the dollars for a night on the town. The pricing listed below was canvassed with the criteria of: a group of 4 people, for a basic table with a bottle Grey Goose. Now, given that prices can obviously vary, keep in mind that these can change on a whim. There are many determining factors that come into play when pricing out tables, such as who the DJ is, if there’s a guest celebrity that evening, whether there is a big event in town that is drawing more people, the list of factors could go on for days…so keep that in mind. Besides, we all know it’s not the bottle you’re paying for when you get bottle service.
(Quotes reflect a mix of base table prices and for Grey Goose at basic tables on a Saturday night.)



Body English














1 Oak




Found Documentary: The Doors


The Doors 1968 self-produced documentary Feast Of Friends is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.
It was filmed over a five-month period while the band were on the road by Paul Ferrara, the group’s official photographer, and former classmate of Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison.

Snippets from the film have surfaced over the years, appearing in videos and other documentaries, but this is the first time it has been officially released in its entirety.

Feast Of Friends includes the original film, which has been fully remastered, a compilation of outtakes titled Feast Of Friends: Encore, the 1968 documentary The Doors Are Open and a 10-minute live version of The End, which appeared on Canadian TV.

The soundtrack has been remixed and remastered by long-time Doors’ collaborator Bruce Botnick.

Feast Of Friends will be released on November 10 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

We Remember 9/11


We would like to use today’s post as an opportunity to remind the world of the events that took place this day, 13 years ago. To keep it simple; today is a day about remembrance, mourning and celebrating life. As well as focusing on keeping the American spirit, and the memory of those lost, alive and well. We will never forget.

Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace

“If you’re only going to see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe” – The Huffington Post

“Absinthe,” is the critically acclaimed acro-cabaret variety show. “Absinthe” is performed in the round with unobstructed sight lines and in intimate proximity of the world-class artists performing amazing feats of strength, balance, danger and unfathomable flexibility. The New York Times hails “You’re close enough to see the sweat and grimaces needed to produce graceful, gravity defying stunts,” and sums up the entire “Absinthe” experience as, “Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channeled through ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show.'”

Showtimes: Wednesday-Sunday, 8pm & 10pm.

Rock in Rio: Ticket On-Sale Dates Leaked

The Associated Press has reported a ticket on-sale date for the first ever Rock in Rio USA, which is scheduled for May 8th & 9th and 15th & 16th on a Stripside chunk of landscape just a bit north of Circus Circus.
According to the information given, weekend passes will go on sale Friday, September 26th. The price of a weekend pass will supposedly cost $295 and though a representative from Rock in Riosaid no firther details would be available at this time, we’re leaning to believe that this is an accurate on-sale prediction.
Organizers for the festival have previously mentioned that there will be an upcoming Times Square promotion, which is when on-sale dates and times will be made known and possibly some artist announcements as well, but even that event has not been confirmed yet. Check out the video below and get a feel for the Rock in Rio experience that’s about to take Vegas by storm!

Post-Club Meals: Skinny Chick Fat Chicken

Seated quaintly in an Industrial Road strip mall nested near establishments like the Can Can Room, a few spas (if that’s what you choose to call them) and a sketchy lawyer’s office that brings about a suspicious air, Skinny Chick Fat Chicken isn’t exactly your idea of a glamorous after-hours restaurant but who’s there for a postcard pretty shot anyways? You’re there for the food, duh.
Like many other eateries, the menu is split and categorized by healthy and not-so-healthy options. The skinny side is mainly grilled chicken, while the fat chicken is ruler of the fryer. You can get anything from chicken wraps, chicken salads and yes, even chicken and waffles. The tenders and wings are joined with seasoned fries and your pick of sauce or you can opt for sweet potato tots smothers in blue cheese, depending on how domineering your adventurous side is that night.
Though you would assume the best thing on the menu is a chicken dish, its not. The Turkeygiving Burger is a seasoned turkey patty topped with sage mayo, sweet potato stuffing and cranberry sauce. Not only is this a kick ass after-party meal after a sensational night out; it also easily takes the crown over the locally known and beloved Bobbie sandwich. What are you waiting for? Try this baddie of a sammie asap because you’re missing out if you haven’t gotten into Skinny Chick Fat Chicken yet.

SLS: New Signature Cocktail

For every hot new spot in Vegas, there is a signature, off-menu cocktail needed. SLS has concocted theirs and when you see what its comprised of, well, you’ll definitely want to please your palate with one. Members of the SLS player’s club will be offered this drink exclusively along with the ability to order other off-menu offerings. Without further delay, SLS presents: the #belengendary cocktail
What’s in this exactly? Check out the recipe below and try one for yourself:


1 1/2 oz Grey Goose Le Melon
1/2 oz lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
Lanson Brut Champagne
melon ball of cantaloupe (granish)

Combine first four ingredients into a shaker, shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with Champagne and garnish with a melon ball of cantaloupe.

Hottest Day Clubs: Vegas Edition

Las Vegas has always been noted for it’s incredible nightlife but as of recent, Sin City is making a name for itself during a different time of the day. Day Clubs are nothing new here but the popularity of these day time party spots has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. With that being said; there are many of these spots to choose from along the strip but there’s only a few that are really worth the effort. Take a look at our top choices and see for yourself what all of the hype is about next time you find yourself on the strip.

Also known as EBC, Encore Beach Club located at the Wynn resort is easily the most adorned day time party in Vegas. The ungodly long lines you’ll see stretching outside of this club is unreal and goes to show that just about everyone is trying to gain access. Encore was dubbed the “Best of Vegas” award for “Dayclub of the Year” and boasts some of the biggest names in performer history. World-renowned DJs along the likes of Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Steve Angello have graced the pool stage with their presence and have made this club stand out among the rest. Truth be told, Encore is definitely worth the wait and if you have a chance to make your way there while in Vegas, get there.

Wet Republic
Located at the MGM Grand hotel, Wet Republic has made a name for itself in a way that the other dayclubs in Vegas have not; the pool is the centerpiece and focus of the party. MGM boasts a 6,000 square foot pool that is home to marble bars and has an overwhelming crowd of women who have been hitting the gym solely for this event. Veteran club goers hold nothing back and purchase bungalows for the day to enjoy their favorite DJ with luxury of a private jacuzzi, while sipping on their favorite cocktails and munching on some signature food items. Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki have all performed at this mecca and many more big names have come and gone through Wet Republic’s doors.

Drai’s Beach Club
Drai’s is recently opened and new to the Vegas scene, however this insane establishment is holding nothing back. Stemming from it’s location in Hollywood, Drai’s has take day raging to an entire new level which has stormed the Strip in a huge way. Known as the only rooftop dayclub, Drai’s is open Friday-Saturday on top of the Cromwell. This 65,000 square foot mega house takes its residency eleven floors up but still houses cabanas with private pools and bathrooms; which if you ask us, seems like an incredulous thing to be in awe of but definitely comes in handy once you really think a about it. Once you experience the paradise-like aura of Drai’s, you’ll never look back!

This may not be the biggest club on the market but the exclusivity that Marquee boasts has A-listers from around the globe flocking to it’s doors. The glass infinity pool is a major plus and despite being known to reach it’s maximum capacity every weekend, the club manages to keep that intimate feel that everyone loves. The fact that some of the biggest names in EDM have headlined here definitely doesn’t hurt the Marquee’s name; on the roster you’ll find Above & Beyond, Chuckie, Kaskade and Dash Berlin among the ranks of past performers. Seems almost too good to be real, doesn’t it? Well, just remember: the clubs policy is BYOW (bring your own women), as you most likely won’t gain entrance unless the men do not out number the women in your group.

Céline Dion Cancels Caesars Palace Shows


In a statement posted on her website and official Twitter account; Céline Dion has announced that her Las Vegas residency dates at Caesar’s Palace has been postponed, as well as the Asia leg of her tour will be canceled. Tabloids are attributing this decision to her husband, René Angélil’s, ailing health. Céline’s official statement on the matter is as follows: “I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband’s healing, and to do so, it’s important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children,” Céline said in the statement. “I also want to apologize to all my fans everywhere, for inconveniencing them, and I thank them so much for their love and support.”

Dion previously took a hiatus from her shows due to her battle with Mycoplasma bronchitis in 2006 and her Las Vegas show closed the following year. She returned to Vegas, however, for an ongoing stint in 2011. Dion’s battle with inflammation in her throat muscles was also addressed in the statement, citing that it was the result of an illness. She has been unable to perform scheduled shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas since July 29 due to the condition.

LVCVA Reveals Beatles 50th Anniversary Plaque

beatlesVIPYesterday, the board of directors of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority followed up a business meeting with the reveal of a commemorative plaque. The display is revealed to be a 50th Anniversary showing in honor of the Beatles and their two performances that took place in Las Vegas on August 20th, 1964. Board chairman, Tom Collins, declared next Wednesday Beatles Day in southern Nevada and also introduced performers from Cirque Du Soleil’s “Love” show at the Mirage. The production put on by Soleil in honor of the music group has been labeled as a defining event in Las Vegas. A plaque dedicating the concert appearance was unveiled and pictures from the Las Vegas News Bureau of the concerts were displayed. The pictures will continue to be shown at the Convention Center through Oct. 27 and the exhibit is free and open to the public.

SLS Las Vegas: History Made Here


Set for its opening to take place on August 23rd, SLS is being hyped as the most glam and upscale hotel & casino to hit the strip. Channeling a sophisticated yet classic, old-Vegas vibe, SLS promises to deliver an experience you’re sure to never forget. Located on the north end of the strip, this hotel boasts quite the array of restaurants and nightlife hot spots. Among them are The Griddle Cafe, Umami Burger, Fred Segal, Foxtail, The Sayers Club, Katsuya by Starck and many others. Housing over 1,600 guestrooms, this hotel hotspot perfectly captures the legendary air of Vegas while remaining contemporary-cool & they cannot wait to welcome you!

EDC Las Vegas Set to Have Live Stream

Missing out on this years EDC in Las Vegas because you couldn’t score tickets in time for the SOLD OUT massive music festival? No need for worry here. Insomniac has announced that there will be an opportunity for everyone to get in on the madness thanks to the live video feed they have now implemented.  The live stream is set to appear on Insomniac’s website and will give thousands of at-home viewers a chance to live vicariously through nearly 50 different cameras stationed throughout the entire festival grounds; including the Wide Awake Art Car and the Discovery Project stage, which helps spotlight up and coming artists. Will you be tuning in?

Liaison Has Set a Soft Opening Date

Las Vegas is now home to one of the newest LGBT clubs on the strip: Liaison. The establishment has set their soft opening date for the 20th of this month, which has been incredibly long awaited by many and labeled as a “game changer”. What sets Liaison apart from other clubs? Well, we’re glad you asked:

  • Liaison is the only dedicated gay nightclub in a casino. Its location is prime: Bally’s Casino.
  • Taking cues from every other Vegas megahouse club, Liaison has signed 12 international and local resident DJs to play its two rooms.
  • Admission will be charged in the form of a $20 drink credit to ensure alcohol sales. However, locals can score guest-list placement via a text-messaging subscription, as well as free entry during the Sunday industry party Freedom, beginning July 6.
  • Liaison will be largely performance-driven, with talent highlighted on two yet-to-be-built stages

We can’t wait for the opening to show us what Liaison has in store for it’s new spot on the strip


King of Pop Invades the Strip

Michael Jackson impersonators Justin Dean and Jalles Franca perform a live singing and dancing tribute in “MJ Live!” at the Crown Theater in Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.
The show runs seven nights a week at 9 p.m.

General Admission is $63.55, Golden Circle is $89.75 and VIP is $77.75 inclusive of taxes and fees.
With each paid admission one child 12 and under is free.

Showings are as follows:

  • Every Sunday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Monday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Tuesday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Wednesday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Thursday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Friday – 9 p.m.
  • Every Saturday – 9 p.m.

Cirque Du Soleil’s Sensual Side: “Zumanity”

“Zumanity,” crowned as “The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil,” is the third Cirque show to take up its residency on the Strip.
Some cheeks will blush and eyes may wander upon arrival at the Zumanity Theatre inside the New York-New York Hotel and Casino. The erotic, cabaret-style however lacking a story-line and instead features minimally dressed performers with amazing agility and body strength putting on their own skits.

Audience members are required to be 18 years of age or older, and should be comfortable with viewing naked breasts and kissing men. The show is dark on Monday and Thursday.

The adult-themed, 90-minute production is unveiled twice nightly Friday through Tuesday at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


  • Every Sunday – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Every Sunday 10:30 pm
  • Every Tuesday – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Every Tuesday 10:30 pm
  • Every Wednesday – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Every Wednesday 10:30 pm
  • Every Friday – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Every Friday 10:30 pm
  • Every Saturday – 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Every Saturday 10:30 pm

Drai’s Las Vegas Grand Opening

Memorial Day weekend is coming and so is Drai’s Las Vegas. Opening weekend will take place at the Cromwell on May 22 and the hype is very, very real. With another location in Hollywood, this has been a long-anticipated addition to the club scene in Vegas and here has been alot of buzz about not only the club itself but the seemingly unreal bottle service options. Big spender? Throw down for a Drai’s Airways special. These elite packages begin at a quarter of a million dollars and include a private charter for you and anywhere from 8 to 50 of your closest friends (the 737 package boasts a trip on a Boeing 737 for $737,000), plus accommodations, fireworks and a boatload of Ace of Spades Champagne. Drai’s will offer industry specials on Thursday and Sunday evenings at the nightclub and on Sunday afternoons at the pool (for those of us who don’t necessarily have what it takes to hit up that 737 package). Either route, this club is sure to set the bar high for any future openings. See you at Drai’s!

2014 Billboard Music Awards

This weekend the 2014 Billboard Music Awards took place in the heart of Las Vegas at the MGM Grand hotel. This annual showcase awarded titles to multiple artists among the likes of Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Lorde, Imagine Dragons and many more. Some of the highlights from last nights broadcast included performances from female powerhouses Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez; as well as a truly special performance from the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. In case you missed it, the show put on a spectacular spectacle using a hologram of Michael on stage as well as multiple live dancers incorporated into the sequence. According to sources, the hologram was over 6 months in the making and was only completed about a week before the airing. This was a year for the books and if you missed it, we suggest checking out the recaps!


RIP Pure Nightclub

It’s finally happening; Pure nightclub will pop its last bottle and close their doors for the final time on May 26th, though the space will be reestablished with a new name and management in early 2015. It was once owned by the likes of Shaq, Celine Dion and Andre Agassi. Britney got carried away there. The IRS raided it. What more publicity firestorm could a nightclub ever need? Regardless of the way you look at it, Pure is both famous and infamous for it’s run in Vegas and we’re eager to see what will take it’s place.





Interop® is the leading independent technology conference and expo series designed to inform and inspire the world’s IT community. Part of UBM Tech’s family of global brands, Interop® drives the adoption of technology, providing knowledge and insight to help IT and corporate decision-makers achieve business success. Through in-depth educational programs, workshops, real-world demonstrations and live technology implementations in its unique InteropNet program, Interop provides the forum for the most powerful innovations and solutions the industry has to offer. Interop Las Vegas is the flagship event held each spring, with Interop New York held each fall, with annual international events in India, London and Tokyo, all produced by UBM Tech and partners.

Event Dates: March 31 – April 4, 2014

Nightclub and Bar Show


The King of All Trade Shows! Attend the biggest event March 24-26 for professionals in the bar, nightclub, restaurant, beverage & hospitality industry. More than an event, it’s an experience you can’t afford to miss with 37,000+ industry professionals flocking to the entertainment capital of the world. Allow Knockout VIP to be your guide into this wonderful 3 day event filled with non-stop activities and action. Book today!

CinemaCon 2014


Ladies and gentlemen if you have not registered for this year’s CinemaCon, then do it now! You never know who might show up and surprise us. Last year, Brad Pitt surprised everyone last year when he took the stage in support of Paramount’s World War Z. Don’t miss out and contact Knockout VIP today! See you there!

Event Dates: March 24-27, 2014



Are you finished with GlobalShop 2014?! Then stay and play with Knockout VP.  We will make sure your weekend is packed with fun and exciting adventures. Whether you want to relax or just get wild with Las Vegas, we have you covered! Call Knockout VIP today!

International Dancing

ethnic bannerEnjoy an evening of fun while learning international dances like Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, and much more! This event is presented by a nonprofit volunteer organization, Ethnic Express, at the Charleston Heights Art Center.  Do something a little different and put your dancing shoes on!

Le Reve – The Dream

ke reveMake your way to Le Rêve – The Dream at the Wynn Las Vegas this evening to experience an aquatic aerobatic show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The show is named after Pablo Picasso’s painting, “Le Reve”, or “the dream”, and it allows you to follow the character’s journey into their dreams.  This show is a combination of aerobatics, aquatics, dance and imagination all in one pool!

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

hypnotist bannerJoin others at the number one hypnosis show on the strip as Marc Savard delivers hypnotism and comedy all in one show.  As the best hypnotist in the world goes to work, you won’t believe what he can make people do at the V Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops! Contact Knockout VIP for all of your booking needs.

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